Word of the Lord through Jill & Michael

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2014 The Year we shift out of Transition into our launching Position!!! Take off Time is here!

Letter from Michael:

Hello! We hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year! We certainly have had one in Good ole England.  Just as we have seen on TV, America has been experiencing a real harsh cold spell. Where we are on the South Coast of England, ever since our arrival we have also experienced storms, extraordinary rain fall, hail storms the size of marbles etc-etc. You get the picture. Burst river banks, village squares that are normally used for car parking have had people paddling in their canoes.  Today’s headlines read: “STORM THAT RESHAPED BRITAIN.”

In times of danger at sea the life preserver is thrown out to those that need a helping hand or in fact rescuing.  This year of 2014, I believe the Holy Spirit will throw us a life preserver, buoy or raft attached to Him. Of course the rope is called Revelation and the life preserver is called Relationship.  Even if tough times continue into this new year, we must know that we are secure in that which we wear and hold tight to. We will not sink or drown, get swept into the torrents or the tide or lose our lives.  The Lord has too much of an investment in us; hence, the spiritual life vest. Just when the enemy thinks that we are out of our depth and down and out, along comes the Holy Spirit and pulls us out.

For those that like an adventurous ride you can stay in the choppy waters if you want to, you might come out battered and bruised but none the less out you will come at the appropriate time.

The Revelation rope is such a vital piece. A life saver not just for us personally but for the Body. We have to know that we will end up exactly where God needs us to be. And during this year, the prophetic will become increasingly stronger. Your night and daytime dreams will be more dimensional and more colorful.

The Holy Spirit may inspire some of you to write poetry, a genre you may have not written in before but suddenly you will start. There will be Rhema in that which you write. Signs and wonders like never before. God is new every day just when we think we have seen it all…But God.

The choppy waters might have left you exhausted, but as you are pulled ashore no matter the situation or place you will arrive  onto the seashore feeling totally refreshed. Ready for the next round.

Jill and I are excited about what 2014 is bringing. While eating in a bistro right on the coastline the other night, we saw 7 foot waves right in front of us and we were not intimidated. We were in the warm indoors. When ready to go out into the storms, we had on our coats, scarves, gloves and most importantly the security of knowing that He is with us and not against us.  Dan 3:17 says,”if we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able to save us from it and He will rescue us.”

Jesus has already given us the safety rope but rarely do we use it as we feel we don’t need rescuing.

We look forward to seeing all of you at Houston Revival Center on Friday, January the 24 at 7 pm for a night full of revelation and equipping!!!

Love to you all and remember we are only an email away.
Our prayers are continually for you,

Michael and Jill