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“We can’t afford a halfhearted, anemic, approach to greatness. We must pursue our high call with the vigilance of a desperate warrior and the fury of a passionate lover.

Greatness eludes the faint hearted, the fearful, and the lethargic. Greatness refuses the sluggish; they simply move too slow. The careless have no plan, the lazy waste their energy on excuses, the entitled are waiting for someone to do it for them, while the prideful are so delusional that they’re unaware that greatness avoids them.

Humility and forbearance are the seedbed of greatness. Its only in the soil of servanthood that the seeds of greatness germinate, sprout, and blossom.”

-Kris Valloton

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Lora Allison, Founder and President of Celebration Ministries, has ministered in over thirty-five nations as well as teaching extensively across the United States. A prophetic ministry, Lora has a heart for training and equipping leaders, and is known for her clear, frank and scripturally grounded teaching. For a number of years she has been hosting dynamic conferences with focus toward the presence of the Lord and revival. Lora has written seven books, which are available on Amazon.

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