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By: Asher Intrater

As we enter more into the End Times and closer to the second coming of Yeshua, there are several major trends which are moving toward their fulfillment. Of course, we in Israel are looking toward the great promised revival of our people.

1. Romans 11:26 And so ALL Israel will be saved. In praying for this blessed event, I realized that such a revival in Israel would undoubtedly be connected with a wider outpouring of the Holy Spirit. The revival in Israel and the worldwide outpouring are part of one and the same occurrence.

1. Acts 2:17 It will come to pass in the end days, that I will pour out My spirit on ALL flesh.The revival in Israel and the worldwide outpouring represent the last stage of the great commission. The gospel commission likewise comes to its completion at the same time.

1. Mark 16:15 (Matthew 28:19) Go into ALL the world and preach the gospel to every creature.

As these three events come to their fullness, so will the international Church (ecclesia) come into its full unity. 1. John 17:21 May they ALL be one. Yeshua’s prayer is more than for just unity, but for the fullness of love, glory and holiness within the people of God. The revival in Israel, the worldwide outpouring, and the completion of the great commission take place together with the Body of Messiah coming into its fullness.

As these wonderful developments come to their fullness, so will Satan and the world react against them with all of their “fullness.” The nations will be united in a massive attack on Israel in order to try to prevent, as it were, the coming of Yeshua. 1. Zechariah 14:2 I will gather ALL the nations to Jerusalem for war.

The plan of God is “all” inclusive, of everything in heaven and earth (Ephesians 1:10); and all His promises will come to pass (II Corinthians 1:20). All these events of the End Times are connected one with another.


Lana Vawser

August 21, 2019 

This week as I was sitting with the Lord in worship I had a vision and I saw DISCONNECTS in families/relationships. I watched as Jesus stepped into the vision and those DISCONNECTS through the power of His Spirit became RECONNECTS. The beautiful thing was, there was not only a RECONNECTING taking place again, but the CONNECTION went deeper than before. I watched this taking place and my heart bubbled up with awe and joy “THAT’S my God!!!!”

These disconnects had happened because of pain, trauma and hurt, other disconnects came from simply being too busy and the need for the re-prioritizing of family. Other disconnects came from miscommunication. Other disconnects came from distraction. There were so many different layers of disconnect that had taken place. I felt the Lord wanted me to prophesy over families that are feeling that disconnect that there is a MIRACULOUS RECONNECTING taking place by the power of His Spirit. The Lord is breaching and healing the disconnect in families. Not only is He breaching the gap and “great divide” many are feeling in relationships in family but He is bringing such deep restoration that there will be deeper connection and joy than ever before.

STRATEGIES FOR CONNECTION AND THE PRIORITISING OF FAMILY: The Lord showed me that not only is He healing and breaching the disconnect that many have been feeling in family, in the healing He is releasing SPECIFIC strategy for connection and the prioritizing of family. It is imperative in the healing that’s taking place and the re-connection happening that your ears are leaning on the chest of Jesus listening to His heart and asking for His wisdom in maintaining healthy relationships, the healthy family unit and prioritizing family.

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SOHF is an international NGO based in Northern Iraq. We’re the guys who love peace but live in a war zone. In a house planted between refugee tents, goats, and sewage. We’re there to be the antidote to a region brimming with ancient hate and prejudice. We’re the gentle infusion of love, hope and future . We’re there because we believe in change and legacy. We want our kids to look back one day with pride and not shame, and say “ Hey they turned up. They broke the silence and apathy of the world and picked up and did something that counted”. We want to be the change in this crazy region. Read about our mission and vision and find out how we live change.

We’re simply bridge builders. Sometimes we stumble across. Sometimes we run. We build bridges in order to smash down walls. Walls of ignorance. Walls of apathy. Walls that prevent two groups of people from meeting each other and becoming friends & partners. So we build bridges to help break down that great divide. We extend our hands to you. Meet us on the bridge and let’s cross it together and bring hope and fresh vision to Northern Iraq.

What are you waiting for? Let’s go!

Lisa Miyara

“For three years, the Israeli Lisa Miyara has been living in northern Iraq, after the hand of fate led her to the Yazidi refugee camps in the country. There she met the women and children who had been rescued from the arms of ISIS, whom she had decided to make her second family, and to set up an extraordinary aid center for them. Now she dreams of raising awareness of their condition”

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