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Stephanie & Donnell Vigers

The Church on Fire Christian Center “where we worship the Lord in Spirit and in Truth”. We want to extend an invitation to you to visit us. At the Church on Fire, you’ll meet people who will love you and accept you for who you are. We’re building up not tearing down so come visit us and we’ll meet you right where you are in life and we’ll journey together in knowing more about the love of God through Jesus Christ and how we are to share that love with one another. We are a Spirit-led, non-denominational five-fold ministry with Jesus Christ serving as the founder and leader of this church. We have freedom from “religion” and as such, we are not affiliated or associated with any religion or religious denomination. Instead of following the traditions and rituals of men, we place our beliefs strictly on biblical principles.

We wear no other name than Christ’s. We are simply Christians, both followers of Christ and members of His body [Acts 11:2626:28I Peter 4:15-16Acts 11:26,Ephesians 1:22-23]. We do not wear any man-made designations not found in the scriptures nor do we subscribe to any creed or doctrine. The Bible is our only guide we use to preach and teach the absolute true Word of God.   We preach the word of God without prejudice and we preach the entire word including preaching on holiness, righteousness and living a life that is pleasing to God.

Operation Saturation is a city-wide initiative where Christian churches, independent ministries and individuals unite together to host evangelism and outreach events throughout he city on a specified date to saturate the city with the love of Jesus through both word and deed. We hope that you will be able to join us at our next event!!!

Upcoming Conference: Awakening the Prophets

Church Location:
16305 Westheimer Road, Suite 105
Houston, TX 77082
(inside of DestinyStar International Church)

Worship Service: 1:00pm
Bible Study: 7:00pm

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