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Rediscovering the Original Ekklesia


Excerpt from Cody Archer: We are moving closer to the restoration of all things. Part of this process includes the global Ekklesia of Yeshua rediscovering her original identity and calling as a governmental body of people called out to rule the earth and every sphere of society under King Yeshua's leadership... Click here to read [...]

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Relationships – The Foundation


Excerpt from Eddie Santoro: When Yeshua started His ministry, He chose twelve men with whom He would share His life. He walked with them in intimacy, together experiencing every facet of life. This intimacy was part of their transformation—enabling them to fulfill the high calling that He had for them. Click here to read the [...]

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The “Falling Away” and Redefining the Church


Excerpt from Asher Intrater: The Greek economic crisis could cause a chain effect on the entire European banking system. The current Greek default is 1.6 billion Euros. By comparison, the US overall debt is 18 trillion (!) dollars. Over the last 3 weeks, Chinese stocks have lost more than one third of their value, despite [...]

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