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Jill Mitchell O’Brien

Jill Mitchell O'Brien
Jill Mitchell O'BrienFounder and President of KCI

About Jill

Jill O’Brien, like her husband Michael, has a background in business and continues on a dual track with business and ministry with their work in their Apostolic Network. After receiving her business degree from the University of Texas in Austin, Jill went into the fashion industry in management with Estée Lauder then marketing in banking.

In her early thirties she answered her call to the ministry while on staff at Second Baptist Houston as the Director of Prayer. After her launching from Houston, the Lord sent her to take the Gospel to 47 nations in a 15 year period. Nine prayer journeys, three months studying at Hebrew University, and  a year of extended stay and prayer in Israel were life changing for Jill. She received her ordination into the ministry in 1998 by  Dutch Sheets, Cindy Jacobs, C. Peter Wagner, Chuck Pierce, Lora Allison, Nancy Coen, Baruch Bierman, Dave Duell and a team of international ministers which changed her life for ever. Jill’s heart is for the entire continent of Africa where she has invested greatly.

Jill moves in strong apostolic leadership coupled with an accurate corporate prophetic gifting.  Her desire is to see the Body of Christ walk in their identity while manifesting the Lord’s power and authority on earth as it is in Heaven.

Michael O’Brien

Michael O'Brien
Michael O'BrienVice President of KCI

About Michael

Michael O’Brien is a Brit who has traveled extensively throughout the world. He lived in five nations before the age of eleven at which time he was placed in a private boarding school. Michael speaks eight languages and was a corporate trouble shooter for twenty years in England, Europe, and America. In addition to his corporate expertise, he serves as a governmental consultant to many nations in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Michael was radically saved at the age of 40 at a Full Gospel Business Men’s Meeting in England. He has had a burning passion for the Lord every day since which manifests in a strong gift of evangelism and a powerful prophetic office. For all his professional and governmental training, he freely admits to being a “Spirit filled hooligan” who thoroughly enjoys watching the Holy Spirit move in meetings and through peoples lives. He and his wife, Jill O’Brien, were commissioned by Dr. C. Peter Wagner as Apostles in Government, Ministry and Business. They oversee Kingdom Connections International Apostolic Network.