Recently the Lord spoke to me that many have had “falsities” falling upon their ears.

FALSITIES: the fact of being untrue, incorrect.

SYNONYMNS: Untruthfulness, untruth, fallaciousness, falseness, falsehood, fictitiousness, inaccuracy, mendacity, fabrication, dishonest and deceit. (Google)

The enemy is sending these FALSITIES upon many ears right now because we are being invited into a new realm of hearing from God.

Fire is falling upon senses of God’s people awakening them to greater ways of hearing from God. He is increasing sensitivity to hearing from Him. He is increasing understanding of how He speaks, and He is increasing revelation of the WAYS that He speaks.

There is a door that I keep seeing in the Spirit that the Lord is leading the Church through that is taking His people into a whole new realm of hearing and understanding the language of the supernatural. The language of the Spirit, the language of His heart that is opening up a whole new world to the people of God.

I see the fire of God awakening His people to how He speaks and it is bypassing denominations. The Lord is moving powerfully right across the body of Christ right now and it is going to continue to accelerate in significant ways, awakening His people to the truth that He is the GOD THAT SPEAKS and the CREATIVE and POWERFUL ways that He speaks.

These FALSITIES that have been falling on ears, are lies from the enemy. They are packaged in different ways, but they all have the same common denominator. They are being sent from a spirit of deception attempting to hinder God’s people from hearing from Him. Many have been contained by these lies for years, others are facing these lies in this season. The enemy is whispering lies to many that they don’t hear from God, or they can’t hear from God, but God is BREAKING THE BOXES that have been placed around hearing from Him, and He is speaking in the most beautiful, creative and supernatural ways in this season.

These FALSITIES have been sent to STOP God’s people from moving into a whole new realm of supernatural encounters with the Lord. There are going to be very different ways the Lord shows up and speaks in this season and it requires eyes to see and ears to hear. The enemy is attempting to prevent it, but the Lord will not be contained.


The purposes of these FALSITIES have been to keep God’s people in a place of FALSE TIES! The enemy is attempting to keep God’s people in the place of lies, tied to untruths, tied to deception, tied to unbelief, tied to false prophecies, tied to fear, tied to places of agreement that don’t line up with the Word of God, tied to the place of insecurity, doubt and containment, but I hear the Lord says “NO MORE FALSITIES AND NO MORE FALSE TIES.”


I saw the enemy tampering with the ‘airwaves’ in the spirit. He was twisting, causing a static, causing a haze, causing a blinding, causing a blocking of ears, causing fear and twisting in dreams, causing major confusion, causing hindrance of sight and attempting to disrupt and interrupt what God is saying and doing.


God is about to show up POWERFULLY and He is about to speak to His people in so many profound ways in this season. The way He speaks is going to divinely SHAKE UP and INTERRUPT His people. It’s not a bad thing. It is an absolutely glorious thing. He is going to SHAKE His people out of any complacency and familiarity in the way that He speaks. He is going to speak in such PROFOUND and SUPERNATURAL WAYS in this season, that denominational bondages and containments will suddenly be broken by the fire of His Spirit.

I could feel the heart of God so strongly, that there is SO MUCH MORE awaiting His people in their relationship with Him and the WAYS that He speaks.

A great awakening of HEARING the voice of God is happening and it is about to increase in the most glorious ways in this season.


Many of the falsities that have been assaulting God’s people for generations, for decades, for years, these familiar spirits, deceptions and lying spirits are now being BROKEN. There is a FINALITY HAPPENING!!!

These falsities that have caused so much containment, so much deception, so much hindering in how God’s people hear from God and see and experience the supernatural are now being BROKEN in this season.

There is a WHOLE NEW REALM of the supernatural that has always been available to us as God’s people is now opening up. I have been preaching for the last 6-12 months about a RETURNING and REVIVAL of the Word of God. There are PROFOUND encounters with God that are going to happen in the Word in this season.

I watched an amazing Facebook Live last night with Larry Sparks chatting with James Goll and James something VERY similar. “God is waiting in the Word”. Some of the greatest ENCOUNTERS with God are going to happen IN THE WORD in this season. From that place some of the most amazing, extraordinary encounters are going to be entered into by God’s people.


I saw the fire of God falling in so many places in this season igniting EXPLOSIVE HUNGER to hear from Him. I saw His fire going into houses, churches, hearts throughout the body of Christ and He was INCREASING HUNGER. I saw even the driest of hearts, the driest of places, the driest of churches and homes SUDDENLY seeing the fire of God coming in and EXPLOSIVE HUNGER was being ignited. Hunger to hear from Him NO MATTER the cost.

I saw people in the body of Christ who were tired, discouraged, and had become dry, suddenly awake and hungry to hear from Him. I saw those who had fallen into complacency, suddenly awakened by the fire of God and SO hungry to hear from Him. I saw those who are already SO HUNGRY receiving MORE than they ever thought they could contain. Such an increase in hunger to hear from Him.

I heard the Lord say “Many intercessors have been crying out for the body of Christ to awaken to My voice. I am answering those prayers. I have heard the intercessors crying out “Lord awaken the body of Christ, increase their hunger, and the hungry will be fed.” Well here I come now with FIRE to INCREASE THE HUNGER TO HEAR”


I saw the Lord pointing to a DOOR and it was labelled “EXTRAORDINARY ENCOUNTERS”. This season upon us, the Lord is leading His people into some of the most EXTRAORDINARY ENCOUNTERS with Him that they have ever experienced. As I watched God’s people walk into these EXTRAORDINARY ENCOUNTERS with Him and a whole new world of experiencing the fire of God, hearing from Him, the senses awakened, and the realm of the supernatural, I saw all the framework surrounding these encounters was the WORD OF GOD! The FRAMEWORK of these extraordinary encounters was the WORD OF GOD.

These EXTRAORDINARY ENCOUNTERS were leaving God’s people undone, wrecked by His presence, His Glory, His love, and the CREATIVITY of how He speaks and the language of the Spirit. Such a glorious awakening.

I saw the words everywhere in the Spirit “FRESH OIL”. There is going to be “FRESH OIL” everywhere. God is going after His people to awaken them to a whole new world of revelation of who He is, His Word and how He speaks. The beautiful language of the Spirit. Bucket loads of FRESH OIL pouring out everywhere.

He is going to INTERRUPT and SHAKE UP and a whole new realm of AWE and WONDER of the King of Kings and Lord of Lord’s is going to be RESTORED. The REVERENCE OF GOD is going to be RESTORED to the Church.

“When Solomon finished praying, a bolt of lightning out of heaven struck the Whole-Burnt-Offering and sacrifices and the Glory of God filled The Temple. The Glory was so dense that the priests couldn’t get in—God so filled The Temple that there was no room for the priests! When all Israel saw the fire fall from heaven and the Glory of God fill The Temple, they fell on their knees, bowed their heads, and worshiped, thanking God: Yes! God is good! His love never quits!” – 2 Chronicles 7:1-3


The fire of God that is falling upon ears to hear releasing the divine interrupt of His voice, that is awakening His people to a whole new world of how He speaks is going to bring the most unlikely of DENOMINATIONS together.

These EXTRAORDINARY ENCOUNTERS and VISITATIONS FROM GOD and how He is going to divinely INTERRUPT with His voice in this season is going to see DIFFERENT STREAMS flowing together in the most AMAZING of ways in this season.

His voice is going to SHATTER and BREAK DOWN denominational walls and the thunderous ROAR of UNITY will be released bringing the body of Christ together.

I saw revival and an outpouring flowing from the ‘joining of these streams’ in ways we have never seen. It will cause the people of God to BEHOLD – to stand in awe.

“BEHOLD how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!” – Psalm 133:1

“This heavenly harmony can be compared to the dew dripping down from the skies upon Mount Hermon, refreshing the mountain slopes of Israel. For from this realm of sweet harmony, God will release His eternal blessing, the promise of life forever” – Psalm 133:3 (The Passion Translation)

The voice of God, the divine interruption of His voice is going to even shock the world. Where the world would look at the Church and say certain denominations don’t come together, or don’t like each other, or can’t work together, will be broken down and the voice of God through extraordinary encounters releasing profound revelation, impartation of His love, eyes to see as He sees and healing offences will bring the Church closer into the place of “one body under Jesus Christ.”

God is about to SHOCK His people in the most glorious ways about how He speaks in this season. The falsities are falling off. The false ties are being broken. A whole new world of experiencing the way He speaks and the supernatural language of God is going to be awakened, understood in greater ways, and activated in the body of Christ in ways we have never seen before.

The awe is being restored in the ROAR of His voice like never before!

“The voice of the Lord echoes through the skies and seas. The Glory-God reigns as He thunders in the clouds. So powerful is His voice, so brilliant and bright, how majestic as He thunders over the great waters. His tympanic thunder topples the strongest of trees. His symphonic sound splinters the mighty forests. Now He moves Zion’s mountains by the might of His voice, shaking the snowy peaks with His earsplitting sound! The lightning-fire flashes, striking as He speaks. God reveals Himself when He makes the fault lines quake, shaking deserts, speaking His voice. God’s mighty voice makes the deer to give birth. His thunderbolt voice lays the forest bare. In His temple all fall before Him with each one shouting “Glory, glory, the God of glory!” – Psalm 29:3-10 (The Passion Translation)

Originally posted by Lara Vawser Ministries