By Lana Vawser

Over the past few weeks, the Lord has been speaking to me constantly about His miraculous breakthrough, turnaround power. He continues to whisper to my heart “I am about to do what only I can do”.

The Lord spoke to me very clearly recently and told me that the enemy that one of the enemy’s main aims is this season is to DELAY. There is a powerful sovereign move of God happening right now in the body of Christ, and if he can’t abort it, he’s doing all he can to DELAY it.

I had a vision and the enemy was laughing with delight, so happy at the chaos he was causing. So happy about the things he was setting up to bring DELAYS and looking at a clock and laughing with a sense of accomplishment as he watched the time ticking by and the hindering of breakthrough in the lives of many believers.

When suddenly I saw the largest foot come out of heaven and I knew it was the foot of the Lord. I could see His foot and the train of His robe. The enemy was but an ant compared to the size of the Lord and just one of His feet.

I heard His voice booming loudly with authority in the spirit and He said: “You are about to be reminded again and again in this season by the rising up of My people, that YOU are defeated and My heel has crushed you.”

“My people are rising up with a roar of victory, a roar of conviction and fire that is decreeing that you live beneath their feet. The war cry of victory is resounding and what you have attempted to bring in DELAY, I am now releasing greater ANGELS OF TURNAROUND to HERALD “ACCELERATE”.

The very areas where the enemy has put up such a fight and tried to bring these DELAYS, now as these things break under the power of His Spirit and the breakthrough of God, you will see an empowerment of the Spirit of God in and through your lives to see more accomplished in a day by His Spirit than you have experienced before.

The enemy things he stole time from God’s people, but the truth is God is making up for lost time with more increase, abundance, empowerment, accomplishment, and fruit than ever before. The enemy’s attempt to DELAY, ABORT and ATTACK has only added more to you by the hand of the Lord than you had before.


I saw the Lord releasing greater angels of turnaround into the lives of believers and they were coming with a specific assignment to minister to God’s people and herald in a significant TURNAROUND, but there was something different to this turnaround than I had ever seen before.

These were the TURNAROUND’S of all TURNAROUND’S. These were the gigantic moments of display of His power where the things that have refused to BOW, the areas that have been plagued with great DELAY and targeted by the enemy, were now suddenly being broken open.

I saw many entering into 2017 and feeling like they were in a plane going through incredible turbulence with a storm raging outside, feeling like they were being hit and swayed, but in these declarations of divine turnarounds, I saw the rest of 2017 being clothed with FAVOUR and ACCELERATION for them in the VERY AREAS that the DELAY and TURBULENCE had been aimed at.

The Lord spoke to me very clearly that the targeted areas of DELAY and OPPOSITION were the very areas where MAJOR ACCELERATION and FAVOUR was about to fall. Where there has been nothing but BATTLE in these areas, now you shall find GOLD and TREASURE in these very places.

The enemy has fought many of God’s people hard in these areas, because he knows the HEAVENLY DEPOSITS and RELEASE that have been planted within these areas that now as the breaker anointing of God falls upon them, they are going to release the greatest demonstration of His power, turnaround and tidal wave outpouring of His Spirit than they have ever seen. Where these has been SUCH BATTLE, TURBULENCE and DELAY in these areas, now the people of God shall know a greater ease of flowing in the Spirit of God, flowing in the grace of God and flowing in the anointing of God.

The enemy has attempted to bring DELAY in these areas, to clip the wings of God’s people, but the favour of God, the winds of His heavenly favour is blowing so strongly upon these areas that they shall be carried into places that they have never imagined. Carried in places that they never would have dreamed, and as they step in, find a whole new realm of revelation of the goodness, kindness, provision, protection, wisdom, strategy and insight of God.

The enemy has fought hard over these areas to bring DELAY and OPPOSITION because he knows that as God’s people step into these areas SO MUCH is going to change. The enemy knows that once God’s people step into the breaker, that they are going to move forward with greater anointing and boldness and the MOVERS and SHAKERS.


The Lord has been highlighting SO MUCH to me in the last little while the “24 hour” period. As I have sought His heart on what He has been saying, I have been hearing “I am now doing in a day what could never be done in a day.”

We have begun moving into the new season of seeing God do in a day what could never be done in a day in the natural. I have been prophesying so much this year about 24 HOUR TURNAROUNDS. Things will radically shift, increase and change in 24 hoursdeclaring the power of God. The declaration of Zechariah 4:6 “Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit” says the Lord. God is going to show Himself strong, and God is about to do what only God can do.

The DOMINO’S of IMPOSSIBILITY are starting to fall, but not only are they starting to fall, they are going to fall in RAPID acceleration. The demonstrations of His power so explosive, so miraculous, so mind-blowing, that it is going to leave God’s people in AWE of who He is and His goodness.

The level of MIRACULOUS DEMONSTRATION of His power that is going to be displayed in this season in the lives of believers, the body of Christ and the world, is going to be like nothing we have ever seen. God is doing something completely new, and He has been working deeply within the hearts of souls of His people so we can CARRY what He is releasing and about to increase.


As the Lord continues to promote, as the Lord continues to increase favour in the positioning, I saw as the enemy begins to realize the ground that he has lost and the multiplication being added to the saints, I heard the Lord say “protect the purity”.

It is IMPERATIVE in the promotion of the Lord, in the increase of favour, in the new positioning, the new open doors, the breakthrough’s that the secret place, the quiet place with Jesus is maintained. That the Lord is sought on every direction because the enemy will attempt to attack ‘purity’ and attempt to DERAIL THE TRAIN of breakthrough and acceleration by attacking the purity of what God is doing.

I saw a strategic attack of the enemy to CONTAMINATE the accelerated flow, and I believe the Lord is calling us as His people to STAY LOW. Stay LOW in surrender, worship, and adoration of Him. Stay yielded!

For there will be temptations, opportunities, and situations that will ‘glitter and sparkle’ but the Lord is not breathing on some of them. Some will look like God, others will be temptations attempting to lure the soul and flesh of God’s people and I saw both areas masked in such ‘luring beauty and opportunity’ but they were both NOT being released from the heart and hand of God, but rather an attempt of the enemy to LURE and DERAIL God’s people from the rapid acceleration and positioning of God. Listen to the Spirit of God in every circumstance. Seek the heart of God, ask the Holy Spirit for strategy, for insight, for direction and trust where He is leading. Protect the purity by being like Jesus and be only about the Father’s business, doing only what the Father is doing, going only where the Father is going, staying deeply surrendered and anchored into His heart, living in the secret place of the God most high, the place you are protected and always shielded from harm. (Psalm 91)

As we are now crossing over, rather than contending FOR the ground, we are moving into the place where we have TAKEN the ground, TAKEN the land and are now beginning to STEWARD the NEW.

But the Lord spoke to me that “As you stay in the secret place, you will know NO MORE DELAY”.

Not only is God making up for the DELAY’S of the enemy in this season and breaking their hold and adding increase, He is releasing STRATEGY to us as God’s people to see us move in a position of offence to BYPASS any DELAYS the enemy MAY attempt to place before us, and come into a new level of knowing how to move in the strategy of God, the wisdom, insight and divine VISION of God in a place of empowerment that goes from glory to glory and victory to victory and any attempt of the enemy to DELAY because a SPRINGBOARD which God’s people stand upon with Jesus and are catapulted further than ever before.

THAT DAY isn’t coming, THAT DAY is UPON US!