At the beginning of this week I had a dream and the Lord spoke to me “Protect the promise and the promise will protect you.”

There was a strong sense in the dream of the promises of God being released in accelerated, supernatural ways right now and the Lord is calling His people to protect the promises that are being released by cultivating an environment of faith and praise.

Don’t give into the swirl of discouragement and confusion that is attempting to come alongside the promises of God being released.

I heard the Lord say “the attempted tampering with the promise will not succeed, I have decreed the promise released.”

People of God protect your promise through your decree, faith and praise!!!!

Also as the Lord said…. “The promise will protect you!!”

In the cultivation of the environment of faith right now the promise will protect your heart from discouragement, despair, fear, doubt and loss.


The Lord showed me that the we have now entered the delivery room. We have crossed over and moved delivery room where the promises of God are being released suddenly and being birthed. Many deep hearts desires and long awaited promises are being released right now and the thing that struck me about this room was it was FULL AND OVERFLOWING WITH FRUITFULNESS.


The Lord showed me in this delivery room there is a decree of the Lord that has been released and the decree is “YOU ARE ABOUT TO GET VERY FRUITFUL” and fear, doubt and disappointment are attempting to whisper “you are about to go around the mountain of barrenness again” but the EXACT OPPOSITE is true! (Isaiah 54). In the protecting of the promise, you are being stretched for increase. The Lord is decreeing “YOU ARE ABOUT TO GET VERY FRUITFUL.” The delivery of the heavenly fruit is coming to you.


I could hear the Lord excitedly decreeing “The fruit of your promise is being delivered and where fear and doubt are whispering that grief and disappointment and mourning are coming again, the exact opposite is true. I am decreeing JOY, JOY, UNEXPECTED JOY IS UPON YOU.” Many of you are about to see, just how FOR YOU the Lord is and He is going to awaken you to His affection and kindness in a whole new way in the promise released.

This is a CRUCIAL moment right now friends in the delivery of His promises, stand up, decree, have faith and praise the Lord, because you have now entered the delivery room. The Lord is teaching His people in greater ways how to protect and stewarded the promise in its moment of release.


“Protect the promise and it will protect you.”

By Lana Vawser Ministries