Revive Israel was birthed by Asher Intrater about 15 years ago. Since then they have trained dozens of Israelis for ministry and hosted countless international groups for prophetic prayer and praise. They are continuing the development of intentional life community which has been a large part of their vision since the beginning.

Now that the international ministry has grown so significantly, and now that Jeremiah Smilovich has taken on the day to day management, Youval and Valerie Yanay have started to devote part of their time in a renewed effort, to fostering and deepening a missional, intentional life community based here in the Yad Hashmona Messianic “kibbutz.”

The idea is to take small numbers of Israeli disciples for a defined period of time for deeper discipleship, prayer, healing and training for ministry. Youval says, “We are in process of strengthening core foundations: living in the presence of God in worship, prayer, transparency and love; walking before the Lord together as a community of families; living out the Sermon on the Mount before Him to establish an atmosphere, an altar of living stones, and a temple, where Yeshua can work and touch us.”

The fruit of such a healthy, godly community is evangelism, discipleship and hospitality.

Evangelism – the ability to open doors and invite pre-believing, Hebrew-speaking Israelis into the community to see life lived in the Lord, and be touched. Let’s call this “life evangelism.”

Discipleship – bringing believers in need of strengthening their faith and heart in the Lord, into a program that the community supports and gives its time and life to.

Hospitality – connecting with other communities and people from around the world coming to visit for periods of a few days up to 2 weeks – opening homes to them and connecting hearts.

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