“Possessed with my Purpose” by Lana Vawser


I HAD A DREAM RECENTLY AND I HEARD THE LORD SPEAK “POSSESSED WITH MY PURPOSE…” This week I had a very powerful dream and as I sought the Lord’s heart for what He was saying in the midst of this dream I heard the Lord speak… “POSSESSED WITH MY PURPOSE!!!” So often we hear the [...]

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Revive Isreal Community


Revive Israel was birthed by Asher Intrater about 15 years ago. Since then they have trained dozens of Israelis for ministry and hosted countless international groups for prophetic prayer and praise. They are continuing the development of intentional life community which has been a large part of their vision since the beginning. Now that the international ministry [...]

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Bibi Wins a Fifth Term – Tikkun Global Messianic Family


By: Dan Juster Benjamin Netanyahu (nicknamed Bibi) has, for now, solidified his leadership in Israel. I think many in Israel voted for him because they felt safer with the continuity of his leadership. In my opinion, there are many positives and many negatives for Israel in having another term with Bibi as Prime Minister. Here [...]

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In Violation of International Law – by: Dan Juster


Attaining to the Promise of the Land The land of Israel is the promised possession of our people. Yet since the days of Joshua son of Nun we have struggled to attain it. This struggle is in part due to the condition of our people.  Most of our people are not committed to live in covenant [...]

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The Message of the Cross


The Message of the Cross  “For Christ did not send me to baptize, but to preach the gospel – not with words of human wisdom, lest the cross of Christ be emptied of its power. […]

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Sandra Weppler: A Powerful Remnant Rising Up to Take the Land


How are you warriors?  Below is an excellent read.  I am more than worked up that we are into November and have yet to see "The Breakthrough".  Thank you for your continued prayers as we lift one another up for financial provision!!  This battle for the Global Wealth Transfer that I accepted from the Lord [...]

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The Mighty Winds Of Turnaround And Vindication!


There is a great wind of turnaround and vindication upon you. For the circumstances and opposition that has been coming against the Word of the Lord in your life is being halted. There is an accelerated momentum that is increasing where you will see an unprecedented demonstration of the turnaround of God and vindication of [...]

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Prophetic Word From Herlinda Ramirez


Being a native Houstonian I felt called to intercede for my beloved city. For years, with a group of other prayer warriors we’ve been praying for revival and change in a city that felt like it was being taken over by the enemy. The Lord works in mysterious ways because on December 8th I went [...]

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