The Mighty Winds Of Turnaround And Vindication!


There is a great wind of turnaround and vindication upon you. For the circumstances and opposition that has been coming against the Word of the Lord in your life is being halted. There is an accelerated momentum that is increasing where you will see an unprecedented demonstration of the turnaround of God and vindication of [...]

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This Is Your Time Of Seeing Things Rapidly Redeemed And Restored!


By Lana Vawser Over the past week the Lord has been speaking to me about redemption and restoration. The Lord showed me so many that are still waiting for circumstances and situations of the past and present to be redeemed and restored.   There is a great wind of acceleration that is blowing but it [...]

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Fulfillment of the 70 Year prophecy


The time of fulfillment is here! May 13th, 2018 Pastor LaRue Adkinson explained the spiritual significance of the events unfolding at this historic moment. May 14th Jerusalem is being officially recognized as the capital of Israel. This event and its related meaning is so significant to the message and heart of this church. It is exciting as as [...]

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Our Time to Triumph!


Dear Friends, Last Saturday I participated in one of the most anointed ministry days to date.  From the first notes of the worship team, I knew we were in for a special time of great presence with the Lord at Firestorm Houston Worship and Prayer Burn hosted by Rev.Lora Allison.  The following is the Word the [...]

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