“Glory Train” with Jon and Joleen Hamill

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We are honored to be hosting the “Glory Train” with Jon and Joleen Hamill at Freedom Outpost Houston, June 17th at 7:00pm and June 18th at 10:00am. The Hamills are the founders of “David’s Tent in Washington, D.C. and “Lamplighter Ministries“. They have been riding the train across the nation to share with leaders about the revival in the nation and how it will impact our city! You will not want to miss this “watershed” moment of the Lord uniting and establishing His presence in Houston.


It’s no coincidence that Jon and received a recent vision and directive from God to “ride the Glory Train across the nation.” They were walking and praying on Virginia Beach at the time: it was April 26, 2016, the same day and place where Robert Hunt and the Virginia Company 409 years earlier had established the land in covenant with the Lord Jesus Christ! Jon saw railroad tracks from Washington, DC spreading all the way to San Diego. And when the Jon inquired of Him what He meant, He said to ride a train across the nation, “from Washington to Washington,” moving across, state-by-state, to prophetically usher in revival. Then they learned that Bob Jones had also received dreams of a Glory Train sweeping in revival and when he asked the conductor where was this Glory Train going, the man answered, “Any city that wants it.” Don’t you want it here?!

The Hamills have already covered Hawaii, and have ridden through from the Northwest back to the Eastern US (where revival has already ignited in West Virginia) to the South and are currently about to reach New Orleans.


As you know, Houston has the largest Planned Parenthood clinic in the USA. We are also #1 ranking in sex trafficking, and experiencing constant drug and crime rings, and attitudes of corruption and immorality. However, we do have hope! Many good seeds of prayer and evangelism, such as The Response, and the Reinhard Bonnke Houston Crusade, have recently been sown in our city — many of which have been spiritually planted and watered directly by you. We believe that now is the time for increase! It’s time for these seeds to sprout and come to fruition. Will you join us? Will you hop aboard the Glory Train, proclaim that this city is our Father’s and bring Revival to Houston?


If you plan on attending please let us know by providing your email address.