Launch Houston! An Invitation to Pray to Stop School Shootings

//Launch Houston! An Invitation to Pray to Stop School Shootings
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A tragedy has happened and the government of the Church must be First Responders.

We at Launch Houston are partnering with other city leaders like Gideon and Sarah Stanley of iPray on Campus Ministry, and Donnell and Stephanie Vigers with their Operation Saturation – Citywide Evangelism Outreach.

We invite YOU to join us this Saturday night at 6 pm at Launch Houston (formerly Freedom Outpost) as we host a Holy Convocation for Santa Fe and all the Schools in the Houston metroplex and across the nation.

We are actively pursuing churches to adopt a school in their community to be part of the Shield A School with Prayer program. Let’s see the power of God stop the violence and protect our young people as we actively join the fight!


ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! The Government of the Church must respond and keep responding until we win this malevolent battle with the kingdom of darkness. We, a group of ministries and believers in Houston, are calling for a Holy Convocation tomorrow night to petition Heaven on behalf of our schools and beloved children.


Here is the definition of a Holy Convocation:
A Holy Convocation is commanded on the appointed times. According to Lev 23:4 appointed time, designated time, i.e. a particular point of time related to other points of time, with a focus that this time has a purpose designated by an authority. Another definition is a group of persons that meet, usually as a council for a specific purpose or occasion. (Isa 14:13) In context, this can be natural or supernatural beings who gather. An additional definition is an army, a group of soldiers that are assembled together. (Lam 1:15)


Becky Castle, Gideon and Sarah Stanley, myself and other ministers and lay leaders will lead this Holy Convocation, and we are inviting you in the Houston metroplex to join us as we petition Heaven!


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Standing for Victory!
Jill O’Brien