Project Description

As many of my sisters and brothers in the church did, I also went to see Michael as a prophet, thinking of what he would tell me about the future, what should I do in my life, or about my character traits, so as to say, render God’s perspective on me and my life. All that was said but after a long pause, in an absolute quiet I felt something much bigger and more important (and unforgettable for me now). I am going to try to describe it because for all the time I’ve been a Christian, that was the 1st time I’d experienced it.

When I listened to Michael, I listened to him as to a prophet, that is to a man whom the Lord talks to me through. But during the interval, when I looked into his eyes I saw that it was not a man (Michael) looking at me, but God. I can’t find enough words to describe that look of his, it can be compared to me trying to describe the Holy Spirit when it was soaring over the room at the worship time; This look means a lot to me. To feel love is one thing; but when you actually SEE LOVE, it is something different. It seemed to me no one had ever seen or experienced anything like that.

When I cuddled Michael, I didn’t want to let him go or go away from him; I was very emotional over him leaving that day. But that look was best remembered for me and till now it has stayed with me. It has become the best gift for me from the Lord!!!

May the Lord bless everyone!